Protecting Women ?

Here’s my comment on a female erotica writer’s blog. The blogger’s post in question is  called ” Unpacking The Baggage of History: Sex Work and the Myth of Protecting Women”


But isn’t the idea of a “happy hooker” not a myth as well? Prostitutes who don’t want to exit are in the minority.Also, *my* kind of feminism does not feel any sort of paternalism over prostitued people, and other kinds fully support legalization. I, however, do not. I’ve heard too many tesitmonies (straight from sex worker’s mouths) and read too many studies about how dangerous an industry it can be.But I didn’t come here to cause anything. Just my opinion.

Here is some of her post:

The phrase ‘sex trafficking’ is being used to encompass all sex work – including sex work by consenting adults with agency. It masks a very disturbing form of ‘gaslighting’ which argues that no ‘sane’ woman would agree to sex work. So all adult women who consentingly perform sex work are too brainwashed and victimized to know what they are consenting to. They have been, in fact, culturally relegated to the position of women who require the state to make decisions on their behalf because they can’t possible be freely making this decision on their own. This is as offensive and repressive as the laws and attitudes of the past in which women were thought intellectually incapable of voting or having say over their own reproductive functions.

Firstly, radfems know that feminists as a whole do not agree when it comes to sex work. Liberal feminists support sex work and find it empowering. This erotica writer, pseudonym initials RG, has lumped all feminists together when really I think she’s pointing at us. Radical feminists.

In my opinion, my comment is pretty watered down compared to the book one could write about this (and has already been written multiple times).

Now, I will mention that RG’e erotica is portrays rape, beastiality, torture, and bdsm aspects. Her approach is that she does not reach for arousal in readers, but contemplative thought. Many of her female characters crave piv and experience immemse pleasure from it (sometimes addictive), of which made it difficult for me to relate with them. I’ve read some of her books. Her writing is superb, but the subjects questionable.

But anyways, I would never want to insult any woman and say that she isn’t ‘sane’ for working in the sex industry. A lot of sex workers know. They know, okay? Ignoring their voices seems to be what sex-pozzies love to do.

The happy members of an oppressed population doesn’t make that population any less oppressed.

What others don’t understand is that radfems come from all walks of like, some having actually been a part of the sex industry. And the last thing I would do is ignore what they have to say.

Oh and, yes, I will admit. I would like to protect a fellow female if I could. What’s so wrong with that?


Her reply to me earlier comment:

The myth of a happy hooker is about as much a myth as the happy factory worker or the happy floor cleaner. Would these people rather have better paying, more respected jobs? Yup.
Sex workers who don’t want to be sex workers should stop being sex workers. Period. And legalizing the industry will make it more likely that someone who feels coerced to do the job has some legal remedy. As an illegal industry, sex workers have no legal remedy at all.How does keeping an industry illegal make it safer? Certainly making it illegal doesn’t stop it. Sex work has been going on since the dawn of time, and it has usually been taboo or illegal within a society. How does maintaining that status quo make it safer?

She assumes that leaving the sex industry is easy.

Um, what?



When you say that the want for an end to sex work hurts the choices of all those consenually involved, you are ignoring every woman’s (and sometimes man’s) testimonies of how harmful said ‘work’ is. Sex ‘work’ ruins people (read: women are people too), no matter how much you like to focus on the positives.

-_-    Just no.

PS: Does the idea of purchasing someone’s body parts for personal (and risky/dangerous) use not around totally disturbing? Seriously. Those consenual, happy, empowered, speshuuul people don’t make up for all that’s wrong with the mass sexual exploitation going on worldwide.

Like seriously. No.