“Hell hath no fury like men deprived of their porn.”

Currently reading Without Apology by Jaqueline Homan. $5.99 on Amazon and well worth the read.

Some Qoutes:

In all the “debates” about removing the stigma from prostituted women by legalizing prostitution and calling it a “job”, the voices of exited women get drowned out because our realities and lived experiences collide most uncomfortably with man’s penis interests.

And these same “fine, upstanding ” men, who thought nothing of terrorizing female co-workers, often tucked their own little daughters into bed at night and kissed their wives each day before leaving for work, telling them “I love you” with no thought for the way they discriminated against and sexually harassed someone else’s daughter who was just as deserving of a good job as themselves. They had no thought about that while they raped someone else’s daughter just because she was poor and without any options. If these men love their own wives and daughters, it is a selfish and possessive kind of love; the kind of love for a toy that boosts male status, like a Lamborghini. It’s an “I love you for my benefit”, not an “I love you for your benefit.

Women have been educating men on the injustices of patriarchy for 6,000 years. It’s not like men don’t know that what they’re doing to women is wrong . They know . They always knew. They just don’t care

I could honestly post every sentence. Her analysis of poverty, prositution, abortion, trafficking, etc., and the flaws in sex-pozzie liberal and the conservative right’s arguments is amazing. Literally had to tear myself away from Kindle to post this.