Cis- and trans-structure molecules got me thinking

I spent the entierty of my chemistry class having to hear the words cis and trans today. As a female born female, I am considered cis-priveleged. Because supposedly, I am at an advantage in which my sex matches my prescribed gender. This is said to be important despite the fact that ALL females are oppressed in ways males are not no matter what they look like on the outside or what their personal beliefs may be. There is no such thing as “cis” females having an advantage.

In terms of my chem class, those terms referred to whether or not hydrogen atoms were on the same or opposite sides of a double-bonded molecule. Yay science.

Anyways, for 50 minutes I had to look at the word cis, which is a term taken by trans and other people and placed on anyone who isn’t trans or, at least, queer.

I don’t see how changing one’s gender or sex is not putting someone at an advantage. Transsexuals are physically changing their bodies to fit into a certain and very stereotypical expression of the gender or sex of woman. Autogynephiles get off on switching genders (or sex) and are actually accepted into female spaces while they mock what we are ‘supposed’ to be. Transgenders just put on women’s clothing and claim to be women. They claim to be better women than we  real women are. Because they perform these set and oppressive gender roles forced upon us. I could only see a male-bodied person who rightfully says he is a man, wearing whatever he wants (like a skirt and heels) as being someone who is going against what the patriarchy has created. Just like the women who eschew the harmful gender roles placed onto us at birth. Trans people seem to be just trying to fit in by claiming that wearing makeup makes them a woman. Not a man who likes to wear makeup. No, they’ll never say that.

If men created these roles, of course they can perform them better.

My bedroom was pink and frilly before I had even been born in August 1995. Months before. As long as I could remember, I had family members give me Barbie dolls and Disney princess apparel. By age five my curly hair had been relaxed and straightened. I was put in ballet classes and cheerleading, although fun and athletic they are not taken seriosuly as female-dominated sports (and yes, dance is a sport!). It was never an option but to be anything but a “girly girl”. My mom and other female family members applauded and encouraged me to use makeup, wear uncomfortable, sparkly, and colorful clothing, do my hair on a regular basis, and eventually start taking an interest in boy. Male family members made it a point to tell me how “pretty” I was. One gay uncle would ask if I was wearing a bra or carrying a purse every time he saw me (still creeps me out to this day).

When I was little I did enjoy my dolls (I directed movies with them) and dress up clothes (my fav princess was Mulan, because duh), but there were many times when I would tell my mom “I just want to wear normal clothes. Jeans and a t-shirt amd tennis shoes.”

It was never an active choice to do these stereotypically girly or womanly things. I began shving because I became insecure about my body hair. I saw porn videos and read that bulllshit cosmo magazine for years during middle and high school. I heard other teenage girls bragging about how they went “fully bare” from the neck down and teenage boys insult the existence of female body hair. It wasn’t until I ignored all the external socialization that I ditched the gender roles given to me. It was the socialization that had me believing that I was just doing what girls do. The girlhood many females share.

I am not female because of these stereotypical and materialistic things. They do not define my womanhood and femaleness. These prescribed roles only prove my oppression.

I am definitely NOT privledged. It is my biological makeup that keeps me at a disadvantage. No matter how I dress myself or carry myself, I am still just a woman. No matter what I do, I am still just a woman. And I always will be. And that will always be used against me.