Identifying versus existing


?identify? is a kind of a weird and pointless way to talk about what makes you female. I?ve never once thought about identifying as my actual literal physical form. It?s like saying you identifying as a brain in a meat suit with a super intelligent gut. You don?t have to acknowledge how you feel about it, it is just it. We just are. I am a woman. My relationship with gender only relates to being a woman in that gender = gender roles and those are enforced on both sexes (and often violently enforced on intersex people like having vaginal canals stretched brutally year after year from birth to accommodate a penis, thanks again to compulsory heterosexuality), but women get the inferior gender roles because men made up a whole lot of lies and excuses to control us and maintain their power.

Appearing as something does not make you something…

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On leaving the trans cult

Purple Sage

When I came out as a lesbian, it was during the time of inclusion, when more and more letters were being added to the LGBTQ alphabet soup because every sexual minority needed representation. It seemed obvious that we should include everyone—since we face ostracism ourselves we know how awful it is to be excluded. We wanted social justice, we wanted love and respect for all minorities. No matter what new letter was added to the “queer” acronym, we included them without question. I met people of all sorts during my time in university—gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, asexuals, gender fluid people, etc. I believed in us working together and gaining acceptance from straight people. During this time I also started learning about feminism. At first, the various feminist bloggers I was reading didn’t seem so different from each other. But over the last few years, we have become divided by…

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When “Equality” Trumps the Fight for the Liberation of Females

I have not posted in a long while. So obviously, I have not been writing, but instead reading and absorbing. And I think I’m better at soaking up radfem thought more so than writing my own commentary. With each day, I become more aware, more enlightened….I guess you could say. I also go through periods of being hopeful at one moment and depressed during another. Is there hope for biological females?

I now walk around, vigilant to a degree of being near paranoid, because I am painfully of what happens to females, of what happens to black females, of what could happen to me or any female dear to my heart. The odds have never been in our favor. Not for a very very long time.

With trans/gender/queer ideology, the useless cause that is choice or liberal feminism, my government trying to control my body, and the rest of the endless list of issues shaping female lives, I am incredibly frustrated. Is there a reason to have hope? I don’t know. We are being erased all over again, our lives and our truths. Just like the terrors faced decades ago by the African-American people are being faced yet again in 2015. Yes, such a progressive world we live in, when biological sex is becoming a construct and gender is becoming innate. When woman= anyone who feels like one.

Ten steps forward and 100 steps back is what it looks like.

I am a part of a fan forum for a certain recording artist. Someone asked if the song she will be releasing tomorrow is ‘feminist’. Many comments (posted by males and females alike, but mostly male fans) said that since the song was about girl power and not equality they could not call the song ‘feminist’.

My headache only grows at this point. Feminism has been trampled upon and morphed into being about ‘equality’. Equality for whom? When did it become a crime to name the culprit (males) and the victim (females)? When did feminism stop being about females? Biological females who are oppressed, tortured, ignored, impregnated, sold, bought, and killed because we are female.

Equality be damned. It is not about equality when males feel like they are being attacked when women get on their level, when women ‘grow some balls’ and try to navigate their way through life like men, AND when they feel like their male privilege is taken away in some aspect just so women can have an iota of the opportunities they have. They will never be pleased, so therefore feminism can never be about equality. It can never be about catering to men to soothe their egos and consciences while women and girls pretend like our issues dropped out of the sky rather than out of men’s minds, hands, ejaculatory ducts, and mouths.

Naming the culprit is liberating. Females need liberation. Not equality. I do not want to be equal to men in a patriarchal society. That is not the key to fixing our problems as women.

One comment claimed that feminism is inherently sexist because it makes men out to be the bad guy (newsflash: they are) and that it shouldn’t focus only on women in order to tear men down.

I weep for a movement lost. As long as radical feminism is a minority and is written off as the ‘crazy’ side of feminism, then the endless loop of equality and choice talk will continue and females as a class will go nowhere as males will only keep doing whatever they want.

Feminism =/= equality.

And btw, the song I referred to is not feminist. Libfems would call it empowering, but the song (not unusual for popular music) places value in being a ‘girl’ who is ‘pretty’. Even though it does have a tongue-in-cheek way of calling men creeps who can’t take a hint. So, there’s that….