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“Guerrilla Girls are an anonymous group of female artists and feminists devoted to fighting sexism and racism within the art world internationally. The group formed in New York City in 1985 with the mission of bringing gender and racial inequality within the fine arts to light. Members are known for the gorilla masks they wear to remain anonymous.”















Ummmm so….

People are following my blog (two in number just today) but…

They are not radical feminists, I am sure.

And they are not females, I am sure for one of them.

Sorry to you two people, but I don’t think you understand this blog or my purpose for this blog. If not, read every post again.

Or go to these blogs and see what I wholeheartedly believe in. (I.e. radical feminism):
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Anyone can be a woman!!!1!1!!

(My longest post yet. I apologize for typos or grammatical errors in advance)

Anyone can be a woman.


To say that anyone can be a woman, whether born with XX or XY chromosomes, is to say that biological females do not exist. Women and girls are not a biological species of their own within the genus species Homo sapiens in the eyes of the male-to-females? This is simply, and entirely, and frustratingly false.

The human population often forgets that we too are animals, mammals to be specific. And even more specifically, we are a primate species. Our enormous brain capacities and intelligence have gotten the best of us, or the worst. Majority of what we see the world to be, from our human perspective, is just that. Only from our perspective. To the thousands of other species on the planet, the world as we see it does not exist. Our thoughts, civilizations, religion, medicine, law, social constructs, and whining over every goddamn thing is obsolete to every other living thing on the planet.

Humans are not the chosen ones, as perhaps many religions and people in general believe. We are animals just like everybody else, a species on earth that should be thankful to be here because we could have been extinct by now or lacking the bipedality and large brains that have gotten us this far in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Just like all other living things, we cannot escape what nature naturally defines. We cannot control weather, time, or basic biology. And by basic biology, I mean  whether or not an animal (or insect, or reptile, or whatever) is either born or hatched as a male or female being. It simply is what it is.

Females XX become pregant, menstruate (mammals), and give birth.

Females (humans) have the following body parts and functions from some point in the womb, to birth, to puberty, and until their bodies decay into and fertilize the earth (I will try to include everything):
-tissue filled breasts, as aquired during adolescence
-vulva– including the clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, urethra, pubic mound, pubic hair, and vaginal opening (sperm can come in contact with the vulva and cause impegnation once it travels to the uterus)
-clioris (hood, head, 4 inches continuing within the body)
-vagina (birth canal, passage for menses) (all other uses of the vagina are not natural to biology and are obsolete to nature) (penetration by a penis is possible but not necessary for impregnantion)
-uterus (lining is repaced monthly and can gestate a fetus for 9-10 months)
-fallopian tubes
-two ovaries
-eggs within the ovaries, from birth to death
-ability to become pregnant (but not garunteed)
-lubrication of the vagina and vulva upon arousal
-clitoral erection upon arousal
-daily discharge of the vagina and form of lubrication/smegma around the clitoris
-milk in the breasts during and after pregnancy (biologically intended for infants to be nourished and all other uses of breats or milk in the breats are obsolete to nature)
-menses in uterus to be released monthly

These are biological facts only known to female XX living beings and never to males. Any beings with these parts and functions are deemed and rightfully concluded to be female.

This applies to all reproductive species.

Now, among us humans, the female half has been oppressed, and this has nothing to do with nature (besides the y chromosome possibly being a danger). The roles we have been assigned, such as weakness/inferiority, beauty practices, heavy emotions, enthusiastic motherhood, certain clothing designs, long hair, wanton, pure,.inadequate in academics, etc, have all been constructed in male human brains to be put into the exterior and forced upon female XX human beings since patriarchal systems came into play. And if a female is to deviate from these roles then she is not a true female in the eyes of patriarchy.

Males XY impregnate females XX.

Males have the following body parts and functions from some point in the womb, to birth, to puberty, and until their bodies decay into and fertilize the earth (I will try to include everything):
-penis (head, urethra, shaft, foreskin, smegma of the foreskin) (biologically intended to serve as a releaser of sperm as a means of reproduction and possibly penetrate the vagina for that purpose, all other purposes are obolete to nature)
-testicles (intended for holding sperm and semen, all other uses are obsolete to nature)
-sperm (each consisting of a sex cell from either the male’s maternal X or paternal Y parent) and semen in the testicles
-ejaculation of sperm and semen (biologically intended to achive conception within the female’s uterus and then fertilize the egg, all other purposes are obsolete to nature)

These  are biological facts only known to male XY beings and never to females. Any being with these parts and functions are deemed and rightfully concluded to be male.

This applies to all reproductive species.

In the patriarchal society we live in, males have the freedom and have given themselves the power to do whatever they want, specifically to females. They have given themselves the roles of being superior, strong, emotionally stoic, agressive, piv-centric, penetration-obssesed, objectifying to females and acceptably only females, little enthusiastic fatherhood, loose-fitting clothing, comfortable clothing, minimal beauty practices, shorter hair, etc, and are not supposed to deviate from these roles if they are true males. Males XY invented this schema as well as the one for female persons. And now, it is being off as a part the natural way of things, or nature.

This is not true.

Just like race, religion, law, sexual orientation, civiliation vs savage, etc, gender is a socially constructed idea in the male-run world. All that has been created in the male mind has been done so to benefit he, himself, and his fellow males. Biology and sex (not gender) can not and never will be a social construct. What is in nature cannot be changed, no matter how humans try to manipulate it. Like the weather or the natural appearance of the world, male humans try to bend it to an uncomfortable shape. The shape they are trying to bend sex into is uncomfortable for females, as we are made to be obsolete in nature, when in nature, we are the opposite, we exist as an non-erasable group. Males have tried and again try to lessen the importance of what it means to be female, woman, girl from conception to death.

Stop trying to make gender happen.

Stop trying to say that anyone can be a woman, when no such thing is said about a man.

If you stand up and say you are a woman, check your genitalia and sex-specific processes first. Most likely, if you have to prove what you believe yourself to be through stereotypes and harmful social constructs, then you are not what you say you are.

I do not, as an African-American, have to prove I am black or descended from somwhere in Africa through my actions. I simply am. I was born with a skin pigment that says it all to whomever looks at me. I do not have to be ghetto, loud, illiterate, bound in chains, nappy-headed, uneducated, weave-wearing, chicken-obsessed, dialect-speaking, etc, to be deemed and rightfully concluded to be a human of direct African lineage. My brain does not work differently than those who are of a different heritage or skin color from me. I may think of different things, such as: Will I get the job I want or will my skin color prevent that? Is this police about to pull me over, because this is a nice car I’ve got and it doesn’t look like it’s mine? Oh goodness, am I the only black person in this whole class? Martin Luther King or Malcolm X? When will (insert somebody a nlack personn knows) get out of jail? Will my white master violate me again? Will my white master whip me again? Trayvon Martin? Obama?!

Note that I have exaggerated a bit, but not by much.

And the same goes for any other human in a certain group by sex, skin pigment, sexuality, nationality, beliefs, etc. There is not much biological difference between humans at all, such as genetic diveristy. But sex is one way to categorize homo sapiens. For we have females and males (and intersex, wjo can be determined to be one or the other), and there is some sexual dimophism, but no large differences besides roles in reproduction and the appearance of our genitalia.

And with females we have brains not very different from males, if different at all. We may think of things such as: Oh no! Am I pregant?!!!!! When is my period coming on this month? Birth control, IUD, or just wing it? I should be a lesbian…right? Cause it’d be so much easier, right? Should I walk to my car alone? Should I go to the bathroom alone? Is he going to rape me? Will I raped today? Will I be kidnapped and raped today? Will I be kidnapped, raped and killed today? Should I go out in the dark alone? No, really, am I pregnant?! My breasts are sore…

Again, slight exaggeration, but not really. Not really, at all. Males don’t think like this. He may think about makeup, hair, clothes, and emotions, and other “female” assigned things. But this does not a female human make. He just is devaiting from the false gender roles assigned to him by his own fellow males. And the same goes for a female who does not have traditionally “female” thoughts. Because I do not think that many females do.

Humans wish for many things. We wish for a higher being who loves us so, eternal youth, immortality, freedom, money, to be skinny/hot/worthy of affection, and even to become what we are not, such as the opposite sex. But if there is a Y in you chromosomal makeup then you are not a female/woman/girl amd never will be, sorry. The same goes for humans with only X, you cannot be a male. And no matter how much you think you can escape female reality by transitioning or are truly a male at heart, you cannot and never will be. I am sorry for this. Truly.

Just like some will go through leaps and bounds to be skinny and pefect, or asthetically beautiful. I have in the past (regretably) wished to not be a size 12 or even black. But there is no such thing as magic.

And if you are so unhappy and not okay with the way you were born, then that is a tragedy. Because we cannot change where we came from, our natural male or female bodies, or the color of our skin (not to be mistaken with race). Going to extremes to carry out what it stereotypically means to be a woman (tits,pussy, ass, and makeup) or a man (freedom, emotionally blank, tough) does nothing but carry on a minstrel shown as a way of life and harms those that were born female or male, especially females as we already have our identities, thoughts, rights, free will, lives, and basic bodily autonomy stolen from us every second of every day.

So no, you are a man who prefers the traditionally non-male things in life. Take that issue up with your fellow men. And stop making a mockery of my reality, one that I will never escape, but you can leave any time damned well please.

My Reading List


So, I am bit of a bibliophile. I am in love with reading and writing. So much so, that i do plan to publish ny own novel one day. About what? I don’t know.

Right now I am reading multiple books at one time. Which means I always have something to do between classes, homework, ans studying that doesn’t involve social media (ugh) or boys (double ugh) or reality tv *tge worst).

Just thought I’d post what I’m reading. Some of these are free on Kindle, so check them out.

The Books I have yet to begin:

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself  by Harriet Ann Jacobs
     With this book, I am very intersted. As an African-American, I have heard nonstop about slavery throughtout my school years as tought out of textbooks written by non-black authors, in which they gloss over how horrific it was for female slaves.

Books I have started and am not close to finishing, because time:

Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence.
     Constance Chatterly’s perspective is rather telling. She constantly speaks as men’s thoughts as “nothing” and their goals of sex only/intercourse/the “sex thing” as an obstacle she must endure to get the true intimacy out of conversation.
Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
    A story of a female vampire (who does not sparkle) written by a woman years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula showed up.

Books I have finished:
Freud’s Mistress by Karen Mack
    I bought this because I had a Barnes and Noble gift card and this seemed interesting enough. The story made me dislike Sigmubd Freud even more, who has an affair with hos sister-in-law. Thankfully, both the mistress and his wife see flaw with his disturbed designs of human development and especially Minna (sister-in-law) sees how ridiculous it is to call every woman hysterical. Also, there are some great, and very revealing, moments about what women know deep down between the female characters.

Is it okay? It’s not.

The process of surrogacy has always bothered me. Using a woman’s uterus to, in my opinion, fufill one’s selfish “right” to a have a baby.

I’ve seen various (mainly rich and famous) people on t.v. using a surrogate mother to burth their child. One of them was a homosexual man and the other a heterosexual couple unable to have a child because the wife had recently dealt with and overcome breast cancer.

And I have seen other methods of conception used. Often, they are very tedious and/or highly invasive for the female.

Now, the list of human rights laws (violated by virtually every country, you too Amer’ca) states that every human has the right to family and to have a child. I think this can go to people’s heads.

There are men expecting their wives or furture wives to have a certain number of children, even specifying the sex they want; usually all boys. And couples trying to get their hands on the newborns of women unable to take care of their child due to young age, the inevitable task of single motherhood, and/or poor finances. These typically infertile couples long for a baby of their own with a ferocity I find seriously disturbing and bordering on a state of delusion.

This delusion of thinking that having children validates one’s life, passes on the legacy, brings immense joy, etc. It is usually pitched towards women because motherhood is the bee’s knees. And when you get pregnant ladies, it’s supposed to be the most magical time of your life (aside from become the sex slave/made to your hubby) despite whatever poor to terrible circumstances you face
Whether those circumstamces be conception from rape (basically all piv and especially unwanted conception) or while one is unable to adequately care for another life. 

But back to my point, surrogacy feeds into these lies that you can have a baby no matter what, even if it can potentially kill the women carrying “your” child. Expolitation tends to go hand-in-hand with being biologically female and socially woman. We are used and abused for the fact that we have vaginas, uteruses, breasts, and lack the golden beacon that is a penis. Because we are all whores in the eyes of society, even if one is a prude, we are expected to happily let other use our bodies for their sick, arrogant, male, pornographic, baby-happy purposes.

To be a female is to give up yourself and grin and bear it during any harm we face.

Going into adoption some more, I also find that process one to be wary of. Maybe it’s just me, but taking a newborn baby immediately away from the mother seems to be problematic. Being technically a teen still, I have watched Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant out of curiosity. When these very young moms chose adoption, they hand over their babies in tears to couples much older than they are rather quickly after the birth. The “adoptive parents” just sign the papers and take the child straight out of the hospital. Anyone else have an opinion on this? It just irks me.

Sidnote: Issues of adoption and abortion wouldn’t exist if piv was not a mandatory sex act and method of domination in the first flipping place. I briefly mentioned this above, but if a woman becomes pregnant without her knowing it (that is until her period comes late) and assumed she was safe from unwanted pregnancy, then it is the male who should be the blame for her predicament. She was impreganated against her will. And that was rape. Men know what their genitalia do. They need to take responsibility for that biological fact.

With regards to surrogacy, the surrogate mother is often omitted from the entire process. She is an outsider to the child’s creation and life, and always will be. And I think that the women who “chose” to be surrogate mothers think they are helping the unfortunate privledged people who can’t have babies with their womanly capabilities. Or at least, that’s what I get out of what I have seen.

Let me tell you a story. Just Because.

In my junior year of high school, which ended in just June of last year, I was the only female in my AP U.S. history class. The teacher was a male as well.

I’m not sure how things had worked out this way, nor did my teacher. Let’s call him Mr. B.

Throughout the year, I endured jokes and short attentions spans from the group of teen boys. They never actually said anything particularly sexist/misogynist (except for one) and they were all pretty cordial– as far as two students who don’t really know each other go. I honestly think that they didn’t say anything lewd or crude to me because: A. I am black and most of them were white (and the reason why I think white males see black females as nothing is a whole nother post in itself) and B. I’m a size 10-12-14 depending on the store and that’s not skinny enough.

I kind of just blended in. Coming off as quiet and studious, as with all my days in school, I wasn’t bothered since I made no effort to give a fuck interact with them. Except when we had do to the mandatory group work, during which I was paired with the most quiet, bland guy and ended up doing majority of the talking. Looking back, I think Mr. B partnered me with that guy all the time because he was easygoing and relatively more….feminine (?? Idk)

I had one friend out of the fifteen of us (small class. Ap calc had 40). We had a lot in common music wise and were both sarcastic in ways no one else I knew were. He’s at a different university now and we havent kept in touch because he got pissy that I didn’t hang out with him on graduation weekend. I chose family over friends, as I usually do. More specifically, the woman who has paid for every fee that came along with my education and for my survival. (Hi mommy! F U dad…)

Anyways, Mr. B told us he considered himself a feminist. Now, back then, I was still on the surface of radical feminism, but his statement made me wary. Seeing women as human is what you’re supposed to do…

And now, in my anthropology class, my professor, a male, is giving off some self-proclaimed-male-feminist vibes. He blurts out little hints that he doesn’t agree with some definitons because humans are just referred to as “man”. But it all comes off as pretentious and “hey look at me!!”.

In visual arts, there are constantly depictions of nude women in old works of art. Oftentimes, they are fragments of the body (like Picasso) or just odd and disturbing depictions. Many of these nude drawings show a woman nude and unaware of anyone (artist or audience) viewing them. It may be just a compositon of pastel colors, but I feel unnerved to be intruding a woman’s private space after her bath. Unsurprisingly, the male artists obviously did not have those reservations. They have evolved into the modern day porn directers/producers/whatever…(husbands, brothers, cousins, uncles, co-workers, peers, fathers, etc.)

There really is no point in this post. Just babbling as I notice more and more maleness around me. Soon I hope to post my inquiry project on feminism and thoughts on what I have learned on primate relationships and evolution in anthropology. Sneak peek: the mother-infant realtionship is said to be the primary relatioslnship amongst all primates; and we have all been traced back to seven (probably more) women in Africa a very long time ago.

Excuse any typos. Typed this on my phone.

One Response


Happy autumn everyone. My favorite season!

I just today got a response to the inquiry I wrote down. (See my last post “No Response”.)

Let’s just say, I am neither pleased with nor used to such a response. And I’m not necessarily suprised either. It is a very small group of us that really get it. Below is proof that most people just don’t or don’t want to 


Here is what they wrote:

“At one time, women ruled. Women cannot [Can?] give life or central life, so men need to have some dominance since they cannot give life.”

Uh, come again?

Based on the handwriting, I would assume it is a female who wrote this. But this has male written all over this, no matter who actually wrote down this shit. I will most definetly be referencing this in my essay. It’ll be exhibit A in how delusional people are about male power.

Women owe men nothing for our reproductive significance, which I would say is a 99.9999999999999999999% part of creating life. Yes, it is very possible that women used to have control over reproduction and ran matriarchal societies. This person got that right. And maybe they got the second part right. In a way.

Men want control over everything female. So they think that since we give life, they have the right to control when we do and when they destroy said life. But what the person gets wrong is their clear assumption that this is okay. That it balances the scales. It does not. This train of thought is why women have been opressed, murdered, and kept down throughout history, over time, and across space.

It is only logical that the humans with the ability to create life:

A. Are the original beings on earth
B. Should have all control over life-making (see menstraution, pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, etc.)
C. Are destroyed by males for this very reason. Among their own pleasures in death and all things that harm life. And
D. Etc. Etc. Infinity.

This person just showed that they think the biological function of giving life is a vital component to everything and men want a piece of that pie.

Oh, and “or central life” ? What does that mean? Women give life or central life. Any ideas?

Sidenote: I am absolutley in love with Trustyourperceptions’  blog. There is something seriously wrong with the y-chromosome y’all, and we all know it.

EDIT: You know what? I’m gonna be an optimist today and say that this possibly female commenter was being a little sarcastic, maybe calling men out on their own belief. She could be saying that it is *men* who think that since they cannot give life, they need to control the world. Cause us girls totes have it all. ‘All’ being motherhood. Yay.