Something good for once

Just because mother nature is so pretty 🙂 



what the actual fuck

I got bored and thought “Hey, why not google some stuff.” Particularly some radfem related stuff cause I get excited finding new things. 

So I type in, and I qoute, “men cant become women” 

Why? Because I read on tumblr that “real women can be born as baby girls or baby boys.” 

That’s not all though. 

Google fucking auto corrected my perfectly coherrent thought. One that has propably been typed in verbatum on multiple radfem blogs.

Google told me that what I *meant* to say was that “men can become women”……. the fuck? 

I do not personally believe, as a radical feminist, that one can actually become the opposite sex. Men can never become women and vice versa. Sorry, but that chromosomal makeup aint gon change ever. No matter how much estrogen or testosterone is taken, or if you genitally mutilate yourself. A man can wear clothing made for the artificially-made woman gender all he wants, but he’s making a mockery of humans with XX. 

But what really boggles me is that google automatically assumed I believe men can become women. No, I do not.