Time for Change

This will a short (perhaps pointless) post. Just cause I’m typing on my cell phone touch screen keyboard (which have minds of their own) and I’m not entirly sure what to say. But whatever. I may just be talking to myself here.

So I gave my blog a makeover and change the title and header. No real reason besides I just felt like it. Knowing me, it might be back to the original look by tomorrow. What won’t change is my deletion of all my posts except for the last one. Being in high school while I wrote them, the writing was juvenille and lacking in actual analytic thought. And I want my words to mean something, to show how serious I am about my being a radical feminist. Even at such a young age compared to most other radfems. Because I would like to be taken seriously.

I have found it difficult to get my thoughts out and there have been times when I thought something but just didn’t put it in a post. It seems like everything has been said before. Maybe.

Initially I made a blog so I could comment on other people’s posts. Well whoop-dee-doo my comments never seem to come out right. But I suppose it will take time. It takes time to take in all the radfem info (for lack of a better term at the moment). And I still am.

If there’s any group of people who would frustrate possibly any feminist, it’s teenagers. And I have been surrounded by them for years. I don’t expect the next four years to be much better. With all the violence on college campuses. But that was all said in the last post.

For now, I think I’ll stick to watching, listening, reading, and learning.