It’s been awhile.

So, I have not posted on my blog in quite some time. And before that I had only posted around a sad seven times. But alas, I felt the need to post now.

Things have been busy for me lately. I just graduated high school and will be attending university in the fall. I am excited, but honestly it is rather scary going to college. Nowing what men do to women there and how it is seen as normal by society. I heard girls at orientation telling their friends how they “hope they don’t get raped” and boys laughing in seminars on violence, consent, and underage substance abuse. It was a disturbing thought that out of the hundreds of students at my orientation session, many of the females would face some sort of sexual assault at some point and many of the males would be the perpetrators of said violence.

But this is the women-hating, patriarchal world we live in.

All this time I have been reading the radfem blogs and further seeing the truth of men and how screwed up they are. How necrophilic, pedophilic, life-threatening, violent, etc., etc., etc,…etc. to the infinity power.

Just yesterday I came across a tumblr on which women of all demographics speak out against the terrible but sadly not surprising things men have said to them.

The site is titled: I highly reccomend visiting the site to see living proof of what men think of women (as if there isnt already enough…) from women’s personal experiences.

There are stories about fathers, brothers, fiances, husbands, male friends, teachers, professors, principals, random strangers on the street. The said males show tendencies towards pedohilia, necrophilia, rape, sexual assault, mocking of women’s suicidal thoughts, blackmail, childhood abuse, absolute stupidity when it comes to female anatomy, seeing females as objects or babymakers and nothing more, and much more.

I tried to stop myself from reading them multiple times, because it was really frustrating to see some of those awful things. But the truth hurts right?